HentaiDexy 2022

Codename: Ghost


Updated:Aug 22,2023

In a world with supernatural abilities, those with powers can be registered as “special humans” and are assigned missions shrouded in mystery. Hoyeon, one such person, lives a seemingly ordinary life as a college student while keeping his powers a secret from those around him. When he begins a new job as a tutor at the Special Human Resource Administration, he meets Moonsung, an agent who just so happens to be taking his class. A simple teacher-student relationship, there’s nothing more to it - that is, until a single touch from Moonsung causes Hoyeon’s powers to spiral out of control. As their connection deepens, Moonsung soon realizes there’s more to his tutor than meets the eye…but will he be able to unravel the mystery of the connection between the two of them?

Codename: Ghost
0.0/ 5
  • Woonseok
Alternate Titles
  • Ghost Window
  • Ghost: A Punta de Lanza
  • Codename: GHOST
  • Window of Ghost
  • Призрачное копье
  • 幽霊の槍〜交わらないキス〜
  • 幽靈의 槍
  • 유령의 창
  • Codename: Ghost