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To My Creepy Boy


Updated:Aug 22,2023

Hyeonu, a newcomer who radiates dark energy among newcomers who are excited about their fresh start in college life. Since none of the seniors are reluctant to become his mentor, Ji-ho decides to take charge of Hyeon-woo. Ji-ho, who was ignoring the gloomy energy and guided as kindly as possible, got goosebumps when he saw his name written in his notebook, but he tried to pretend he didn't know. At the welcome drinking party for new students, strangely, it feels like Hyeon-woo is coming to his seat... Ji-ho, who drinks too much to erase that thought, cuts the film. But when he wakes up, his lower back is fasting towards Hyeonu?! "Senior, if it feels good like this, I can do it a hundred times." +

To My Creepy Boy
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  • Burano
Alternate Titles
  • To My Creepy Boy
  • To My Dreaming Boy
  • To My Spellbound Boy
  • 俺のゾクっとする少年へ〜おかしな新入生がやってきた!?〜
  • 나의 오싹한 소년에게
  • To My Creepy Boy